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Each of our clients milk delivery requirements are different so we provide be-spoke quotations to ensure you get the most competitive milk delivery quotation for your business.

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No-obligation quote

Each of our customers business milk requirements are different so we provide  no obligation  quotations for the best prices.

Corporate Office Milk Deliveries to Manchester Businesses

Reliable, local, competitively priced milk deliveries from Office Milk is the perfect solution to make sure your milk delivery is eco-friendly and competitively priced.

Working with a local Manchester dairy we source our milk just minutes away from the City Centre allowing us to offer the very best milk delivery prices while keeping prices low. 

Monthly Retreospective Invoicing

We invoice monthly, pay by Bank Transfer, Card or Direct Debit. 


Each of our valued customers have different requirements. That’s why we price our milk very carefully to ensure that you get the very best price possible whilst paying a fair price to all stakeholders.

We provide our milk delivery service throughout Greater Manchester including Manchester City Centre, Salford, Trafford, Stockport, Media City, Urmston, Charlton, Didsbury, Fallowfields, Oldham, Bury, Bolton and Leigh. Delivery days are Monday to Friday.

Find out more about our corporate office milk delivery and more in Manchester and the surrounding areas e-mail

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Fruit and Groceries for Offices

At Office Milk, we provide more than just milk deliveries to offices, cafes, and hotels throughout Greater Manchester and Stockport. We offer a comprehensive selection of office groceries, including fresh fruit, tea, coffee, snacks, biscuits, bread, and breakfast cereals. Our services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of quality products to enhance workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Groceries for Offices

We’re committed to simplifying your office’s needs. That’s why we supply a wide range of groceries, drinks, and pantry essentials, making it easy for you to keep your office stocked and your team satisfied.

Fruit for Manchester Offices

Starting at just £17.95 per week with complimentary delivery included, our office fruit deliveries are available from Monday to Friday. Setting up a recurring weekly delivery is simple and ensures your office is always stocked with fresh and healthy fruit options.

Select from a variety of juicy fruits including clementines, pears, plums, peaches, apples, and bananas. For an extra special treat, choose our seasonal fruit mix featuring grapes, berries, and unique seasonal delights such as lychee and dates. Enhance your workplace environment with our nutritious and delicious fruit delivery service.

Eco-freindly packaging options

Choose from glass bottles or fully recyclable plastic bottles. If you are a larger user of milk you may wish to consider a chilled milk dispenser. These machines can be hired or purchased from Office Milk, sit neatly on a kitchen top, require little maintenance and plug into a standard socket. Each one contains a 24 pint milk pergal which drastically reduces the amount of milk packaging. 
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Groceries and Yorkshire Tea for Offices

Did you know? Manchester has a longstanding relationship with the fruit industry, playing a pivotal role in the distribution and trade of fresh produce across the region. One of the key landmarks that has contributed to this connection is the Manchester Smithfield Market. Established as a hub for wholesale trading, Smithfield Market has historically been a focal point for fruit merchants and distributors, facilitating the flow of fresh fruits from growers to consumers in Manchester and beyond. This vibrant market has sustained the city’s appetite for quality fruit, fostering a culture of appreciation for fresh and locally sourced produce. The legacy of Smithfield Market continues to shape Manchester’s fruit industry, ensuring residents have access to a diverse and plentiful supply of fruits throughout the year. Manchester Smithfield Market