Chilled Milk Dispensers

For offices, businesses, restaurants and hotels that use a large amount of milk a chilled milk dispenser is the eco friendly ideal solution.

Chilled Milk Dispenser 3 Gallon
  • Gently keeps the milk chilled
  • Three gallon or 13.1ltrs or 24 pints re-fills 
  • Fast, clean, requires little upkeep
  • Fully removable drip tray and dispense tap for easy cleaning
  • Simple and fast to load with bag in box milk re-fill
  • May be custom branded if ordering more than 5 machines.
  • Stainless steel version available

Why Chilled Milk Dispensers?

Milk dispensers are the ideal, low cost way to manage your milk deliveries. They are of a hygienic design and only require minimal maintenance and cleansing.

Because the milk is delivered in a 13.ltr or 24 pint bag in box milk re-fill they require less handling of the milk, use less packaging and reduce the amount of food miles delivering the milk to your office fewer deliveries are required.

Should I hire or buy?

For people that use more than 48 pints per a week milk dispensers can be supplied without charge. If you use less than this amount, a milk dispenser can still represent a cost effective solution. Machines may be rented from around £3 to £5 per a week depending on the rental period.

Is a milk dispenser the same as a milk pergal?

Many people would describe a chilled milk dispenser as a milk dispenser.

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